We are an independent provider of environmental proficient intelligent energy solutions. We provide energy and related utility cost saving solutions that deliver sustainable results. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and operates from 5 corporate, representative, and project offices located throughout the United States and Europe. Its solutions help utilities, power producers, and retailers improve operational and financial efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance customer engagement across the energy value chain.  The company provides strategic, operational, technical consultancy and advisory services to energy resource companies and end users.

Our consultants experience both in renewables and in the utility industry has allowed us to work closely with utility employees, utility customers and trade allies, accomplishing cost-effective solutions, reducing utility and operating costs for existing commercial and industrial facilities.

We audit and design energy solutions throughout North America providing commercial and industrial facility assessment, monitoring and supervising project execution guaranteeing the savings results, while tracking carbon footprint reduction for sustainable reporting.

Our proficient consultants understand that on-time performance, efficiency of design and quality of work are the foundation of any successful energy project. This gives us the unique ability to approach a project from many different perspectives and provide wide range multifaceted solutions to client challenges. Our technical expertise enables us to easily complete any size project cost-effectively and on an accelerated schedule, resulting in faster implementation of energy savings and carbon footprint management.


Our Method

One of our trademarks of the ability of our engineers and consultants to conduct themselves in a competent and professional manner. We recognize that working within our customer’s facilities, has site specific challenges that require experience and a history of working safely around the site or manufacturing equipment and operators. Our engineering methods, analysis and protocol remain beyond reproach. Our analysis states facts and professional opinions. We do not compromise the conclusion to meet artificial needs or desired outcomes.

With this in mind, we use only comprehensive techniques and a professional approach to customize an energy management plan to help meet the planned goals for energy reduction, process optimization, sustainability analysis, cost savings strategy, resolve any problems or challenges that might stand in the way of the desired success. Our staff’s professional credentials and reputations serve as testimony to our commitment.

We believe that strong and effective management is the most critical component for an effective and successful completion of a project. Our philosophy is to provide technical excellence in helping customers manage complex projects in a safe, environmentally compliant, and cost-effective manner. We have built our reputation on successful integration of expert engineering, safety, quality, integrity, delivery, understanding client needs, and acting to meet those requirements.