Strategic Planning and Design – SP&D

Multi-party policy and strategy development and program design efforts for the utility and energy efficiency programs. Our staff advises on market potential, industry policies, regulations and compliance that encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy and private sector services.

Additionally we developed a systematic approach to planning and designing energy efficiency programs that includes effective design of programs through:

  • In-depth understanding of regulatory environments, the issues and market barriers faced by each targeted customer segment within the energy program territory
  • Incorporating best practices to develop program plans that are aligned with seasonal market activities, educational and training needs of the different market players (such as customers, contractors, builders, service providers, etc.), cost-effectiveness criteria, and market transformation expectations
  • Development of program material and participation processes that are simple, straight-forward and inherently promote program participation

Program Delivery and Implementation – PD&I

As a leading provider of intelligent demand response technology and energy efficiency program delivery services and enabling process management technologies both to investor-owned and publicly owned operations. Our professionals have over four decades of experience helping utilities, utility commissions, and third-party program administrators to implement and manage iDR program

Our experience with all aspects of iDR programs enables us to help utilities that seek to reduce and manage demand, operate effectively and efficiently, manage customer relationships, leverage the latest technologies for the benefit of customers, and mitigate the uncertainty and risk in today’s energy business.

Measurement and Verification – M&V

Our methods not only demonstrate to utilities whether IDR goals have been met but result in information that feeds continuous improvement in the performance and effectiveness of their energy efficiency programs.

Where applicable we incorporate elements of M&V best practices and other industry standards to quantify and verify the quality installation, operation, and resulting energy and economic impacts of energy efficiency initiatives.  We provide innovative approaches to cost-effectively monitor building and system performance on-site and from a remote location by TCP/IP protocol or analog based solutions.  Our team is proven in offering engineering analyses and validation to address the unique requirements of our clients’ program, project or energy conservation measure.

Assessment and Delivery – A&D

We conduct detailed assessments of program delivery, from design to implementation, in order to identify bottlenecks, efficiencies, what worked, what did not work, constraints, and potential improvements. Our services include independent verification of impacts (e.g., energy and demand savings) and co-benefits (e.g., avoided emissions, health benefits, energy security, transmission /distribution benefits, and water savings). We design our impact evaluation approaches to fit the level of rigor required to accurately report gross or net savings and to allow for a benefit-cost analysis that includes non-energy benefits and monetizes the benefits from greenhouse gas emissions reduction.