Intelligent Demand Response, Energy Efficiency Plans and Business Process Management

Increasing energy savings requirements and costs, complying with regulations and ensuring customer satisfaction: These are all major business challenges facing utility executives, program managers and staff responsible for designing, implementing, managing and evaluating energy efficiency and intelligent demand response programs and customer service initiatives.

Energy efficiency solutions drive customer energy savings, ensure cost-effective program design, implementation, management, and promote customer engagement for all energy efficiency and iDR business operations.

Optimize electrical consumption of any operation, commercial or industrial, 24/7

  •       Control and analysis of the power demand and sustained kWh reduction
  •       Boosts production without being limited by a power generator or a transformer
  •       Real-time knowledge of the electric load profile
  •       Identification of costs and superfluous energy use – waste monitor
  •       Proven reduction of carbon footprint
  •       Care for investments in energy and extremely fast ROI
  •       Active control of overload
  •       Interface capable with smart grid safety protocols
  •       Proven and guaranteed technology
  •       Sensitive and responsible cost management solution with guaranteed results